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bulletDog'sTime believes that the socialization of ALL DOGS is a very important part of each dog's well being. 
bulletThe socialization process for puppies is very important for development into a happy dog living with people and other dogs.  Puppyhood is a critical period with small windows of opportunity for these young minds to learn what is safe and what is acceptable behavior around other living beings.  
bulletDog'sTime is committed to the proper socialization of each dog and to introducing each dog to those situations he/she will need to deal with for the rest of his/her life. 
bulletNo matter what your dog's age, Dog'sTime may be able to help you socialize your dog.  Single dogs in a home have a special need to play with other well adjusted dogs in a safe and controlled environment. 
bulletDog'sTime has socialized many dogs whose owner's have thought their dog could or should never play with another dog. 
bulletDog'sTime will evaluate your dog (young or old) and formulate a socialization plan that fits the needs of your dog.



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