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Dog Training





Dog'sTime uses positive dog training methods. 


We employ the use of a positive reward marker, such as the clicker or your voice. 


Pinch collars, electric collars or other aversive methods are not used. 


A Sensible Harness, Gentle Leader or Halti is recommended for training. 


This type of training takes patience on your part but you and your dog's relationship and learning will benefit from this positive way of training.




Training Basics

bulletBasic Obedience (sit, down, stay, come)
bulletHome Manners (house breaking, chewing, barking, jumping, behaving around your children and more)
bulletBehavior Modification (separation anxiety, biting, barking etc.)
bulletEnvironmental and Socialization Skills (How to handle noises, thunderstorms, play with other dogs, getting along with the other dogs in your home and more)

NOTE:  Most of my training is done on a private basis to start.  When you and your dog are ready, I put you into group training via classes, playgroups and/or woods training runs.



Additional services:

bulletTeaching your dog to play correctly with other dogs. I can help you with your dog's interaction in playgroups.
bulletHelp with picking out a great puppy or rescue dog
bullet Group training walks in the woods
bullet Problem solving with dogs who hate to travel



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